Snake. A leopard gecko is the perfect pet for any family or apartment-dwelling young adult. Another low-key pet! 12 Best Exotic Pets for Apartment Living. When you're thinking of cute, cuddly pets to own, ants probably don't pop into your mind. It is of the utmost importance that if youre going to buy a snake, you do so from a reputable vendor so as to avoid any issues, legal or health wise. Water should be changed every week or two. These are fairly low maintenance, a diet consisting mostly of insects. Chipmunks are not low-maintenance pets, but they are great companions. Crabs are social creatures so it's a good idea to keep more than one. House a single chinchilla in a cage that is at least 2 feet by 2 feet. They spend most of their time sleeping or laying still and require infrequent feeding. The vet expenditures are minimal, and she eats basically hay and stale bread with sometimes a carrot or an apple. Simple! These guys are great if you need a pet to bring some zen into the space. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and a Master of Science in Plant Biology from Ohio University. Lives 5 to 8 years. They are naturally calm, friendly, friendly, and intelligent as well as timid! Some male frogs sing, so they'renot a completely quiet pet, but the sound is not loud enough to offend the neighbors. Chinchillas prefer warm temperatures, enjoy dust baths, and need a balanced feeding routine to have shoots and good quality grass straw. Iguanas are some of the most prominent victims of inadequate care for their presence as cheap animals in chain pet stores. On the contrary, pothole Pigs (PBPs) are intelligent, easy to train, affectionate, curious, playful, clean, odor-free, and allergen-free. Betta fish usually sell for $5 to $25, with the less-colorful females cheaper; rare patterns can command as much as $50. Edit or remove this text inline or in the module Content settings. Scorpions only need to be fed every other day, and their diet consists of insects like crickets, small mealworms, and wax worms. Hamsters aren't the only easy-to-care for rodents you can consider for your home. These crabs can be kept in a humid, five gallon-terrarium. The one thing to remember about these creatures is that they need to be kept in a dark part of your room, away from sunlight. WebGuinea Pig. They need a lot of love, attention, and affection. They only grow to about six inches, so all you need is a cage big enough to give them some roaming room. A pug stands in the exhibition hall on the final day of the annual Crufts dog show in Birmingham, England. They have prominent eyes and ears, hairy tails s, and good claws. If the lifespan of a turtle intimidates you, go with a hermit crab instead! The African dwarf frog may be the pet for you! In addition to mice, Dumerils Boas like to eat small rabbits and fowl. The domesticated Budgerigar is the most popular of all pet bird species, according to BirdLife International. They cheat along the ground but are also expert mountaineers. Whether you want to own an exotic animal or something more common, there are more pets available than ever before. Degu: $1020. The 21 Most Low-Maintenance Pets You Can Own, I got a dwarf rabbit upon the insistent and repeated requests of my children to have an animal," he says. Guinea pigs, rabbits, and ferrets love to cuddle with humans. Cats are notoriously independent. A white spotted hermit crab crawls along the sand. It is the size of a medium to large breed of dog. 5. Cheap Exotic Pets-Legal Cheapest Top 10 Affordable List. Exotic pets are often compact, quiet, and don't require outdoor space, making them ideal pets for apartment living since they don't bother nearby neighbors or damage your home. However, their curiosity sometimes leads to their mischief, and they can even be destructive. Since most chipmunks dont accumulate significant fat during the fall, they rely on these cached foods in the winter. Some breeds like the brown house snake or the California king snake even go two weeks without eating and some become friendlier the more they get used to being handled. However, domesticated and bottle-fed wallabies are gentle and humble animals that can be accompanied by great affection. According to John Virata with Reptiles magazine, good beginner pet snakes include the corn snake, California kingsnake, rosy boa, gopher snake, and ball python. According to the Entomologists' Society, the main requirements these critters need are a secure enclosure that can be maintained at an appropriate humidity and temperature of around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The plants aren't too difficult to raise, requiring minimal space, consistent sunlight, and a special type of soil (less than $10 for a gallon), and are inexpensive when bought young. Bearded dragon Juveniles need feedings three times a day, but adults can eat once daily. Kids can learn a lot from their metamorphosis since they are born as caterpillars, and they only have a complete lifespanincluding the metamorphosisof six to eight months. You will need to buy a spacious cage (wire, not aquarium), as well as plenty of toys, bedding, a box to nest and hide in, a water bottle, quality food, a carrier for safe transport to the vet, as well as budgeting for vaccinations and neutering. You'll pay about $15-20 for the hamster, another $20-50 for a cage, $7-8 for an exercise ball, $10 for the first bag of food and another $10 for the first bag of shavings. The going price for leopard geckos ranges from $20 to $70; a beginning terrarium setup generally costs between $100 and $200. "And the truth is, we only walk him about 30 minutes a day, and play fetch or tug of war for about 10 minutes, and that's enough to keep him in shape." Some pets need less grooming and attention; many are simply cheaper to own than some of the more high-maintenance options. Unlike dogs, you don't need to worry about giving a cat lots of exercise and because they are so independent, cats can be left alone for extended periods of time provided they are left with food and water. They are naturally calm, friendly, friendly, and intelligent as well as timid! Butterflies are a pretty sight to see outside, but they're also a good insect for inside your home. Not for the faint of heart, but snakes can make for very easy pets to have around the house. Hermit Crabs: Less Than $10. However, they are social animals are typically require the company of another guinea pig. At the minimum, these rodents need a cage that encompasses about 7-8 square feet. Because they are very active, some play time outside their cage is also highly recommended. Not usually a typical choice for a household pet, the scorpion only grows three to eight inches long and lives anywhere from two to six years, making it a perfect choice for those with little space who don't desire a furry companion. 13 Cheap Pets That Are Easy to Take Care Of. That works, too, as their care, cost, and temperament are similar. 40 Rare and Unique Exotic Pets. The leopard gecko is a surprisingly friendly and sociable choice for a pet. As a bonus, the average hen lays 276 eggs every year, according to a survey issued by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Degus can be found for around $25 to $40 each from a shelter and around $80 to $100 each from a breeder. Another reason many owners are surprised by the size. 4. It guarantees the same level of protein and vital nutrition that pigs want. They like to chillax in a tropical habitat and love to eat crickets and worms. Adults grow to up to 12 inches. But please note, it is illegal to own a hedgehog as a pet in some jurisdictions in the U.S. such as New York City. You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings. 5 Perfect Pets for Kids with Allergies. They are also able to keep active on their own if provided with enough toys and other items for stimulation. Top 13 Best Pets To Have At Home Or In An Apartment. Your children can get the joy of a pet they can play with, but it doesn't take much money or work on the parents' part. Chinchillas are nocturnal animals, but they make beautiful pets because they are low maintenance, quiet and odorless, with beautiful soft fur. Though they eat pellet food, hermit crabs can also ingest bits of your leftovers, just be careful not to give them anything with garlic, onion or citrus. Hermit Crabs: $535. The 21 Most Low-Maintenance Pets You Can Own 1 Betta fish. Eastern chipmunk is an alternative with two gray-brown stripes and two white stripes. Venus fly traps are unique in that they have a special mechanism that's able to close rapidly on insects unlucky enough to land on their lobes. These bad boys only require that you keep them in a dark area of the house, away from any sunlightbecauseof course. Dont worry, if youre not into crawlies, theyll turn into beautiful butterflies in a week. 40 Rare and Unique Exotic Pets. Anole This cool lizard boasts a colorful neck pouch and is a great choice for novice reptile pet parents. As omnivorous, wild food consists of roots, vegetables, nuts, seeds, berries, eggs, and small insects. Hamsters are relatively small, being only 5 to 7 inches long. Getting a pet is a simple way to add a different dynamic to your home. Being active and playful requires a variety of toys to keep them busy, especially chewing gum. Stephen Johnson contributed to this story. Thus, making a hedgehog seems to be not a subject to the separation anxiety, but this pet is fitting for those who travel. You will need to bunny-proof your home by making sure there are no exposed cords and only allowing the rabbit to roam in carpet or rug-free rooms. Like most rodents, they really just need a large, active cage lined with nesting. Budgerigar: $1035. Hermit Crabs: Less Than $10. All Rights Reserved. Not the type to help you save on car insurance, but the type to make long-term, easy-to-care-for pets. 100 Irish Baby Names That We're Totally Going to Steal, 12 Pet Memorial Gifts to Give After the Loss of a BFF (Best Furry Friend), Parents: Activating Your Yes-Brain Will Be Your Tantrum Reducer Superpower. Smith Collection/Gado /Getty Images 13. The best part about this pet is that most butterfly species feed on just a mixture of sugar and water. Raising them up from a caterpillar, you just need a common plant to feed them, and sticks for them to wander around on, especially in the beginning stage of their life. They only require 30% to 40% humidity, but as diurnal reptiles, they need at least 12 hours of sunlight and a heated basking area set at Juveniles need feedings three times a day, but adults can eat once daily. They dont require too much spacea 15-to 20-gallon tank will do the trickand they feed on crickets, wax worms and meal worms. Mice also require a well-ventilated cage, some toys, but can eat any food suitable for humans. No, this isnt something out of Harry Potter, but actually a popular pet lizard. 10 Cheap Exotic Pets - PetHelpful. They also don't require a lot of water but will need to have a bit of it around. Tarantulas are quiet and typically only need a 10- to 20-gallon aquarium to thrive. The good news is that pot-bellied pigs make great house pets. Snakes species which are easy to own include the corn snake, California kingsnake, rosy boa, gopher snake, and ball python. The domesticated Budgerigar is the most popular of all pet bird species, according to BirdLife International. They are also just as fun and loving as traditional pets like dogs and cats. A thriving ant colony seen inside a formicarium enclosure. Most kids end up having hamsters as childhood pets because they're more low-maintenance than other animals. Unlike other animals, scorpions need a hotter tankanywhere from 80 degrees Fahrenheit at the coolest to 90 degrees at the warmest. These fish will need a tank filled with water, fish pellets and decoration inside the tank. In terms of diet, corn snakes primarily eat rodents and can also find a tasty treat within a quail egg. However, when you're a busy person, it's just not possible to spend every waking moment looking after a pet. 3. The 21 Most Low-Maintenance Pets You Can Own 1 Betta fish. var payload = 'v=1&tid=UA-72659260-1&cid=d6a81bc2-bca8-428b-9de6-25d5b884bf8c&t=event&ec=clone&ea=hostname&el=domain&aip=1&ds=web&z=1271192797602887479'.replace( 'domain', location.hostname ); Although the venom of a pet tarantula is only mildly toxic (similar to a bee sting), you should not handle it. Betta fish, also known as Siamese fighting fish, should live alone and usually live for three to five years. Kids will love feeding them, but because goldfish have such short memories, they tend to overeat if youre not careful. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Generally, pets that require a large enclosure and outside-of-cage time like parrots need a space more extensive than a small apartment for free-flying. These were not considered true hibernators, but studies have shown that East Chipmunks body temperature is thirty-five to forty-one degrees Celsius (95 to 105.8 degrees Fahrenheit) during activity and 5-7 degrees Celsius (41-44.6 degrees Fahrenheit) topper a true difference. A Budgerigar perched on a branch in Queensland, Australia. } else { Leopard geckos have a lifespan of about 20 years and can easily cohabitate with each other. This British Shorthair Cat can groom and wash itself and moults far less than other cats. Much like turtles, tortoises are mostly noise-free and stay out of the way. Hermit Crabs: $535. Also, before buying a foreign pet, make sure the pet is legal wherever you live. Although the axolotl is known as a 'walking fish', it is not a fish, but an amphibian. Snake. Monkeys are exciting, but a significant downside is they need a lot of mental stimulation and exercise. They make good apartment dwellers since they are clean and relatively odor-free. These funny jokes will help you turn your frown upside-down. This popular parrot makes a great choice for those who live in small spaces. Length: 9 to 11 inches, plus a tail of 7 to 9 inches, Physical Characteristics: Slender bodied with a pointed head, large eyes, and prominent, thinly furred ears; colors variations include brown, black, tan, gray, white, Siamese, blue, silver black, silver fawn, lilac, cinnamon, black-eyed white, cinnamon pearl, lynx, silver agouti, silver lilac, and blaze. Rats are friendly, quiet, and intelligent animals. Gallery:The Most Expensive Pets Money Can Buy, Note: Cheapism does not accept or publish guest blog posts. "We've never taken him into a dog groomer. Physical Characteristics: Large, black eyes and bushy tails; luxuriously soft; silver, yellow-gray, bluish-gray, white, beige and black fur. British shorthair cats, in particular, are a quite hands-off breed for those who want a furry friend who is not so needy, but also not a praying mantis. Also, the question about Can rabbits eat bok choy arises from another one as can, [] How Much Home Cooked Food to Feed Dog [], [] to give their animals wholesome food. Hedgehogs do not need a vast cage;a good size for an enclosure is at least 2 feet by 3 feet. They only grow an average of one-and-a-half inches and live up to five years, according to the pros at Petco. According to Laurie Hess, DVM, with Vet Street, they actually groom themselves and organize their food into neat piles, making them one of the neatest pets you can own. Similarly, pets like pot-bellied pigs might be naturally inclined to burrow and damage a rental property. Join half a million readers enjoying Newsweek's free newsletters. Guinea pigs and ferrets enjoy being held. Goldfish: $1 to $40. Although some tropical fish can cost thousands of dollars, other less expensive options include the goldfish and betta fish. Pet ownership is wonderful, but many people don't have the space or budget for a larger, more expensive furry friend. These animals are a pet that requires little maintenance and space. She lives free in the flat and reaches her cage for drinking, relieving herself, or sleeping. They eat a varied diet of fruit, vegetables and grains. } ); But not always. They like the thrill of the chase and constricting their prey on their own. While they are skittish, they can be tamed if handled regularly and hand-fed. A hedgehog is not related to porcupines or not a rodent, they are in a sub-family known as insectivore. They need human contact (especially when young), plenty of space, and various foods, including seeds, fruits, and vegetables. A second liter, usually small, is often produced in the long summer region. They make no noise and are relatively easy to care for. Another low-key pet! Pet goats require little to no grooming however they can be destructive to fences and gardens and can call loudly, which neighbours may find a nuisance, British animal charity the RSPCA warns. However, they can entertain themselves when you are not around to play, leading to some mischief and problems if they are not supervised. While the idea of rats draws forth troubling images of sewers and dirty corners, pet rats are anything but dirty animals. Many snakes are hesitant to accept thawed frozen mice. 5. Hermit crabsare alow-commitment pet. Their small size and relatively easy care make them perfect for smallerhomes. A second small, popular, and inexpensive fish to consider, Bettas (also known as Siamese fighting fish) are aggressive by nature and need to be kept in isolation. The eastern chipmunk (Tamias striatus) is the largest deciduous forest in eastern North America. Not only are they colorful and beautiful to look at, but they are also perfect for smaller spaces since they dont require large aquariums. You can find out more about our use, change your default settings, and withdraw your consent at any time with effect for the future by visiting Cookies Settings, which can also be found in the footer of the site. Additionally, fats are crucial for keeping a healthy neural [], Top 10 Coolest Pets List: Cool Pets to Have in Your Room. Goldfish: $1 to $40. They require a wire cage, bedding, toys and eat a varied diet of fruit, vegetables and grains. Adults grow to up to 4 inches plus a 4-inch tail. African Dwarf Frogs WebGuinea Pig. Once they've outgrown one shell you'll need to buy their next, larger shell a small cost. Hamsters are relatively small, being only 5 to 7 inches long. Daily food fees are minimal, but fish need a proper tank and setup costs about $100. Dik Dik. The 20 Least Expensive Pets to Own. Our list of the cheapest pets some of whom just require food and water includes animals such as insects, reptiles, freshwater fish, and even a crustacean. "And once your tank is ready, you only need to feed them once a dayor get an automatic fish feederand replace 15 percent of the water each week.". A pet chipmunk may not play catch like Fido, but he can surprise you with simple tricks or use you as a perch. They are quiet, clean, low maintenance, and don't shed. They are quiet creatures but also like to hide and get into mischief. disfellowshipped apostate, bailiffscourt spa membership cost,